What is TEDxShimaneU?

Please learn a little about us.

TEDxShimaneU - Concept

What is TEDxShimaneU

We will introduce valuable ideas not yet known to the world and we want Shimane to interact with the world more.

TEDx ShimaneU was formed by motivated volunteers.It is impossible to organize a TED event by yourself.We will spread great ideas from Shimane to the world with our members.

What is TED

TED (Technology Entertainment Design) was first established in 1984 in the U.S. as a non-profit-organization.

TED gives you ideas throughout the world based on the theme "Ideas Worth Spreading". Many people, like great thinkers and bussiness people, from around the world get together at the annual TED Conference. They will give a speech for eighteen minutes about many differernt fields, such as, science, business, and global issues.

In the past, famous people like Bill Gates, who started the Microsoft company, and Bill Clinton, former president of the United States, gave speeches.

What is TEDx

TEDx is the independent and organized program based on theme of TED "Ideas Worth Spreading".

TEDx may take place throught the whole world by getting the license from TED. "x" of TEDx means "independently". Theme is generally following, but each TEDx planning committee are falling under of running the organization and other contents.

So then, TEDx events compare favorably with the TED Conference. You can listen to great speeches from many fields by people living in differnt regions who come together to share experinces through TED.