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TEDxShimaneU closed on 21 May 2017.
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What's TEDx

About TEDx & TED

About TEDx

TEDx is a program that is independently managed all over the world based on TED’s spirit of “Ideas Worth Spreading.”

TEDx events are made possible through a special license provided by TED. The x of TEDx means “independently.”

While TED handles general event guidelines, TEDx event planners have full freedom to decide the content of their event.

Therefore, participants can listen to inspiring talks that maintain the standard of quality expected of TED events.

About TED

TED (Technology Entertainment Design) is a non-profit organization established in America in 1984.

In line with their core motto of "Ideas Worth Spreading," TED sponsors ideas and gathers thinkers and visionaries alike from across the world in TED Conferences conducted annually. There, prominent speakers from a number of fields discuss a wide variety of topics ranging from science to business to social issues in lectures lasting 18 minutes or less.

Previous TED talks have included notable personalities such as Microsoft founder Bill Gates and former US President Bill Clinton.



TEDxShimaneU -Theme-

Our basic theme is “En” (a special relationship between people). We have two goals: matchmaking and community development. Shimane prefecture has historical attractions including Matsue Castle—a national treasure, Izumo Shrine, and Iwami Silver Mine—a World Heritage site. In addition, Shimane is a much-desired place to live; Oda city in Shimane was chosen as the No.1 in Japan in which people want to live. Shimane’s historical, personal, and regional attraction derives from the concept of “En-musubi” (musubi means connecting people). We can connect ideas all over the world using Shimane as a platform for communication. TEDxShimaneU will be the stage where “En-musubi,” ideas worth spreading, and human relationships come together.
Thanks to “En”, many students joined the TEDxShimaneU team as management members. All I have to do as an organizer is plow the field, sow seeds, and pour some water.
TEDx’s x has several meanings: an unknown quantity, an independent variable, product calculation, and space. X multiplies and connects ideas of unknown quantity to everyday people.
“En” exists in our encounters with each other. I hope this “En” spreads through each and every participant, speaker, and observer.
Creating a website complete with animations and objects from scratch is a real challenge for our team. Our motto—despite being busy college students, we will work without fail—encourages us to tackle our problems and find solutions in a way that only students can.


1060 nishikawatsu, matsue city, Shimane, 690-8504, Japan


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